Stump Grinding

Sick Of the Stumps in Your Yard?

Count on us for stump removal or grinding services in Wendell & Clayton, NC

When you have trees removed, many companies may leave the stumps behind. Bori Tree & Lawn can get rid of them for you. We offer stump grinding services in Wendell & Clayton, NC. We can get rid of stumps of all sizes, and we fill in the holes left behind to create smooth surfaces.

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Our 3-step stump grinding process

Stump removal is a multistep process that requires specific tools and equipment. Thankfully, we're equipped to handle this work for you. If you call us for stump grinding services, we'll:

  1. Grind the stump 3 to 4 inches below the surface
  2. Fill the hole with shaving from your stump
  3. Level the surface of the filled hole

Taking the stump several inches below the surface is essential to keep it from growing back, but it does create a large hole. We can fill in the hole for you or haul away the shavings at an extra charge. If you have any questions about stump removal services, reach out to us today.